European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA 2017, Glasgow, June 5-9th)

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

The 3rd international climate change adaptation conference with the theme “Our Climate Ready Future” will take place this year in Glasgow. It will offer a unique opportunity for a range of people from business, NGOs, and local government to share knowledge about the best practices with researchers and policy-makers.

Several ESCom members will present their research either as a talk or a poster:

  • How resilient are forest management plans under climate and societal change? – Petr M, Ray D, Bathgate S, Stride J, Atkinson G – demonstrating the application of the novel adaptation approach “Action Expiration Chart” in forest planning
  • Decision-making for robust climate change adaptation in forest management: agent-based modelling of institutional interactions – Petr M, Brown C, Moseley D, Bathgate S– showing how agent-based modelling approach can help to better understand future forest decisions and their interactions and dependencies.

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