Future proofing plant health – retrospective case studies of resilience

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

This research project focuses on evaluating forest and tree resilience with characteristics of woodland and environmental conditions. It aims to analyse how past impacts of pests, diseases and abiotic disturbances may influenced tree resilience. Furthermore, it is exploring how differences in properties of certain environmental and climatic variables can influence tree/forest resilience. To explore and assess tree resilience we use the Forest condition survey dataset (1987-2006). This dataset contains information for major tree species and their health conditions across the Great Britain.

The next steps involve further use of Boosted Regression Tree method and Structural equation models to explore potential links between exploratory variables and the measures of resilience.

JNCC and Forest Research are leading this project, which started in 2016 and should finish in 2018. For more information visit the project webpage https://www.forestry.gov.uk/fr/beeh-9w8gv3 or contact Chris Quine.