Tuesday, 18th April 2017

The 25th year since the first meeting of ialeUK is an  opportunity to reflect on the increasing importance of  landscape ecology and its affect over the next 25 years. 

Practical landscape projects have strengthened local  communities, built a sense of place and enhanced  the natural environment. Consideration of nature and  culture increasingly supports landscape planning for  environmental, social and economic sustainability.  Landscape and landscape characterisation is now widely  understood to encompass urban, rural and marine.  Landscape surveillance and monitoring increasingly  understands heterogeneity and informs the development  of spatial models and decision support tools. Landscapescale  conservation is the new mainstream with a  realisation that the wider landscape requires attention  alongside protected areas and priority habitats.  Landscape history has shaped current patterns of  natural assets, and their structure and function provide  ecosystem services we depend upon. Together with  nature-based solutions, the link between urban, rural  and seascape is recognised as a key factor for enhanced  resilience and human wellbeing. 

We look forward to welcoming participants from around  the world who work with landscape and seascape,  including natural and social scientists, landscape  architects, planners, policy-makers, geographers and  archaeologists. The conference will appeal to people  working in research, policy and practice and will include  plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking. 

The ialeUK 2017 Conference is organised by the ialeUK Committee and Countryscape.



27–29 JUNE 2017





Tuesday 27 June

AM The long view on landscape ecology

PM Upland landscape ecology


Wednesday 28 June

AM Lowland landscape ecology

PM Seascape ecology


Thursday 29 June

Field visits


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