Macaulay Development Trust Fellow at James Hutton Institute

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

Jessica Maxwell (née Boucher) is the new Macaulay Development Trust (MDT) Fellow in Placemaking, Planning and Ecosystem Services in the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Group (SEGS). This role involves investigating the relationship between placemaking, planning and ecosystem services in order to build capacity and understanding towards integrated land use planning. This research addresses a particular gap by working with accredited planning professionals to further incorporate sustainability within their practice.

Jessica's MDT Fellowship research has three main objectives: (i) enhancing the role of the formal planning system in ecosystem service delivery; (ii) implementing placemaking and collaborative planning; and (iii) delivering policy-focused research with a strong theoretical underpinning. This applied research informs planning theory, policy and practice through collaborative partnerships with academics, planning professionals and policymakers. The aim of this research is to contribute to developing solutions to the global challenges currently facing people living in urban and peri-urban environments.

For more in information on Jessica's current work and previous experience, go here.