Understanding stakeholder values for woodland expansion

Monday, 6th November 2017

The findings of an approach used to elicit 'visions' for woodland expansion in Scotland have been published as an ESCom briefing note.

The work is part of ongoing Ph.D. research at the University of Edinburgh and included a full day ESCom workshop held in the ECCI in March 2017.

Scenario planning offers a framework for developing more resilient policies in the face of uncertainty. In particular, ‘visions’, or 'normative scenarios' which revolve around positive descriptions of desired futures are seen as a way to pose challenges, stimulate dialogue between stakeholders, and build consensus on shared priorities.

By articulating the range of different objectives for woodland expansion, and capturing stakeholder suggestions for how governance could be adapted to achieve each vision, the results provide a synthesis of potential overarching ways forward for woodland expansion policy. The visions have also stimulated dialogue between national-level stakeholders, suggesting that they may be able to support necessary discourse as part of future strategic land use planning.

Find the briefing note in our resources section

For more information please contact: vanessa.burton@ed.ac.uk