ESCom Conference 7th & 8th May 2015

ESCom Conference – 7th & 8th May 2015 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

A year ago ESCom Scotland emerged as a grass roots community of practice comprised of individuals and groups involved in the science, policy and practice behind sustainable ecosystem management.

Based on popular demand we have organised a two-day event this Spring that will provide:

  • An overview of ecosystem services activities in Scotland
  • Networking opportunities between science, policy and practice
  • An update of the ESCom governance and future ambitions
  • Opportunities to explore synergies, plan collaborations, and future events



On 7th May the ESCom Conference will provide a structured overview of recent progress and activities in ecosystem service science, policy and practice in Scotland. We are inviting an exciting diversity of speakers to share their experience across ESCom Scotland's four Process Areas

  • Data & information tools
  • Knowledge & decision support
  • Policy instruments & implementation
  • Uptake & evaluation


Coffee from 9:30


Welcome, and ESCom progress 


Data and information tools session 


  • Ruth Falconer, Abertay University.  'The work of the Sustainability Assessment Visualisation and Enchancement group'

  • Alessandro Gimona, James Hutton Institute.  'a web-based tool for multi-criteria land use planning'

  • Joanna Muse, SEPA.  'SEWEB - gateway to Scotlands environment'


Knowledge + decision support session 


  • James Curran, previously CEO of SEPA.  'The ecosystem services concept; further opportunities for balanced and holistic decision-making'

  • Linda Gateley, Scottish Government.  'Applying ecosystems knowledge to land use decisions – approach, tools and information'

  • Esther Carmen, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.  'Knowledge needs - moving from the conceptual to practice'


Lunch, networking & posters


Policy instruments & implementation session 


  • Daniel Hinze, Scottish Government.  'Natural Capital and the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy – the work of the Natural Capital Group'

  • Maggie Keegan, Scottish Wildlife Trust.  'Developing a Place Standard for Green Infrastructure – a policy tool for rebuilding natural capital'

  • Clement Claret, University of Edinburgh.   'Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services in Scottish Policy – an academic approach'


Uptake and evaluation session 

  • Allan Watt, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. 'Scotland within the European Union'
  • Andy Wells, Crown Estate.  'Managing the Crown Estate within the current policy framework'
  • Bill Slee, James Hutton Institute. 'Reflections on refraction and rent seeking with an ecosystem service lens'


Coffee & networking


Wrap-up and preparation for unconference 


Reflections on ecosystem services by invited speakers



The day will finish with a networking drinks reception

On 8th May the ESCom Unconference allows attendees to create the agenda using emerging issues and topics from the conference day, any attendee can claim a space and time to form a discussion group. We will facilitate agenda setting and provide open space but content will be participant driven to enhance ESCom inclusivity. Participants are welcome to submit suggested topics ranging across science, policy and practice on registration. Some examples

  • Do ecosystem services help connect people to the land? - sharing experiences
  • Strong or weak sustainability? The role of ecosystem services assessment in both
  • Advantages and limits of economic valuation of ecosystem services


Coffee from 8:30


Welcome, and introduction to the day


Open space (Coffee from 10.30)


Lunch & networking & posters


Open space (Coffee from 2.30)


Wrap up and next steps


Participation is free but registration is essential

Posters & Powerpoint slides

All participants are encouraged to bring posters and pop ups. All delegates should provide a one page PowerPoint slide outlining their work in Scotland, this will be uploaded to our website and displayed as a rolling screen presentation throughout the conference.

Please send these to

Unconference submissions

The idea behind unconference is that discussion topics emerge throughout the conference day and any participant can propose a topic for group discussion. At the end of day 1 The ESCom Chair’s will take into account all proposals and will help facilitate agenda setting for day 2. Advance submitted topics will be advertised throughout and discussed at the end of the first day.

If you would like to submit a topic in advance please send these to