Coordinating policy instruments that influence soil, water, and biodiversity in Scotland: rationale, needs and challenges

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

As part of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme, researchers at The James Hutton Institute are analysing how a variety of environmental policy instruments shape the managem ent of soil, water, and biodiversity in Scotland. They aim to understand Scotland’s complex policy and institutional landscape and how these policy instruments can support the delivery of multiple benefits. During this workshop, they will bring together key stakeholders to discuss the rationale, needs, and challenges for implementing and coordinating policies on biodiversity, soil, and water in Scotland. There will also be an update on their research including discussing some initial findings.

This workshop will be of interest to those connected with the governance of soil, water, and biodiversity in Scotland and especially to those seeking to coordinate or integrate the delivery of different policy goals. The outcome of the workshop will be a clearer understanding of where and how policy coordination might be needed, and the most appropriate ways to achieve it in both current and future conditions.

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