ESCom Series 2015-2016

What's happening across Scotland?

The ESCom Series is new for 2015.  Through this series,  ESCom Scotland will host a range of monthly knowledge exchange and networking events throughout Scotland that highlight the ecosystem services work being carried out by our community members.  

If you would like to host an ESCom Series event please contact Rachel Chisholm, Network Manager


November 2016:  GREEN SURGE workshop  on green infrastructure and green economy

This workshop organised by Forest Research will target practitioners representing local and regional authorities involved in urban green infrastructure management. The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge about methods for capturing the values of urban greenspace between practitioners and researchers with a view on developing relevant (suited to different purposes and audiences) approaches. This workshop will also touch upon green procurement, exploring avenues for developing a rights and obligations framework around commercial use and external funding of greenspaces. Insights will be shared on different ways of promoting a green economy from the GREEN SURGE project, which has studied practices in a number of cities across the EU. Participants will engage in workshop exercises and optionally (after lunch) a game to explore and understand the different roles and opportunities of different actors involved in the governance of green infrastructure.

October 2016 : GREEN SURGE Workshop

Improving awareness and support for naturalized urban greenspaces and wildlife gardens in Edinburgh .  This workshop is targeted at representatives from nature conservation groups, City of Edinburgh Council and community champions to inform and engage them with the planned Edinburgh Living Landscape (ELL) pollinator pledge project. It is envisaged that the pollinator pledge will take an evidence-based approach to targeting priority areas for habitat improvement, using habitat suitability models developed by GREEN SURGE researchers at Forest Research

October 2016: What has the concept of Ecosystem Services done for us? Taking Stock and Looking Forward

Hosted by Kirsty Blackstock, James Hutton Institute and Marc Metzger, University of Edinburgh we are delighted to welcome international discussants Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski who will complement Scottish academic, policy, NGO and industry perspectives.  During the first hour we invite each panel member to give a short and informal talk on their understanding of the concept, how they use it in their work and the future for the concept as they see it. The second hour will comprise a facilitated discussion around questions submitted by the audience before or during the event

June 2016 -  The Ecosystem Approach to land management in the UK

The Ecosystem Approach to land management emphasises the sustainable and equitable use of ecosystem services, and is a cornerstone of the Convention on Biological Diversity. In the UK, as elsewhere, it is receiving increasing attention as a strategy for dealing with the various processes, including climate change, that cause ecosystem degradation.   In this workshop, we will hear from two enterprising projects that implement the Ecosystem Approach in the UK: Natural England’s Upland Ecosystem Service Pilot Projects, and the collaborative Strathard project in the Trossachs. Speakers will describe their experiences, achievements, and the challenges of dealing with such complex systems.

March 2016 - ESCom 3rd Annual Conference

In its third year, ESCom Scotland continues to develop as a community of practice comprised of individuals and groups involved in the science, policy and practice behind sustainable ecosystem management.  This April our annual two-day event takes Impact as its theme.  Looking at the links between research and policy we will explore what has worked in practice, and how best to evaluate the outcomes of impact strategies for ecosystem management. We have a conference day programme packed with talks and workshops from colleagues and a fieldtrip to the RSPB InnerForth site. for more information

MARCH 2016 - Ecosystem Services in the Strategic Research Program: Progress and plans for the future

Robin Pakeman and Rob Brooker from the James Hutton Insitute host this timely session on the 30th March in ECCI.  The Scottish Government’s Environmental Change Strategic Research Program is drawing to an end, prior to the initiation of a new Programme in April 2016. This presentation is an opportunity to hear about the ecosystem-services orientated work undertaken to date, and an overview of the work that is planned for the next research programme. It covers a wide body of research from understanding the processes linking biodiversity to ecosystem function and service delivery, to service mapping, and the use of valuation and cultural service concepts in land use decision making.
For more info and registration:

March 2016 - IPBES and science-policy-practice in Scotland

Hosted by Jan Dick (CEH) and Maria Ninjink (JHI) this event on the 9th March 2016 will take a look at the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), hear from those directly involved about what is happening in practice and how is this prestigious body (i) considering the science-practice-policy interface in Scotland and (ii) what insights are there for future Scottish policy and practice.  For more info and registration

January 2016 - Woodland expansion workshop

Led by Forest Research and James Hutton Institute this workshop on the 19th January 2016 will take a look at the history of woodland cover in Scotland and explore some of the drivers, barriers, and opportunities of woodland expansion.  For more details and booking

November 2015 - Natural Capital(ism)?  A live debate on cash and saving nature

Our second event, a public debate on the 12th November,  was hosted by Marc Metzger and Jonathan Silvertown from University of Edinburgh.  A diverse, and lively panel reflected on the concept of natural capital and discussed questions from the audience.  You can watch the video of our debate

September 2015 - Urban Ecosystem Services Workshop

Our first event on 10th September saw Darren Moseley, Chloe Bellamy and Alexander Van der Jagt from Forest Research host a workshop on urban ecosystem services.  For more details and outputs from the workshop