ESCom Series October: GREEN SURGE Workshop

Monday, 24th October 2016
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

 Improving awareness and support for naturalized urban greenspaces and wildlife gardens in Edinburgh 

This workshop is targeted at representatives from nature conservation groups, City of Edinburgh Council and community champions to inform and engage them with the planned Edinburgh Living Landscape (ELL) pollinator pledge project. It is envisaged that the pollinator pledge will take an evidence-based approach to targeting priority areas for habitat improvement, using habitat suitability models developed by GREEN SURGE researchers at Forest Research. In this workshop, representatives from ELL will reveal the outcomes of the pollinator models, available in an interactive format to the public on the OurEcosystem platform. Using workshop exercises, ELL asks for your input in decision-making on how this data can best be used to inform allocation of resources in the gardening pledge city across different neighbourhoods in the city. In the second half of this event, workshop exercises will serve to explore different opportunities for targeting and engaging citizens and other relevant people with regard to actions to improve pollinator biodiversity in the city. Discussions will also focus on what actions may be particularly effective in engaging people.

Registration is by  invitation only