Scotland’s Natural Treasures – an illustrated ecosystem services map

25 May 2018

Earlier this year we published Scotland’s Natural Treasures - an illustrated ecosystem services map. 

Scotland is full of natural treasures that provide endless inspiration, excitement, and enjoyment as well as supporting much of our economy. These benefits we get from nature sometimes referred to as ecosystem services, that are provided by Scotland's natural capital. 

This map provides a rich picture of many of these ecosystem services and is accompanied by a legend that explains different categories of benefits and can be used for illustration purposes and as an informative educational resource. 

The Antwerp Declaration

15 Oct 2016

The Antwerp Declaration was launched on the 23rd of September 2016 at the European Ecosystem Services Conference in Antwerp.

ESP Conference, news from Stellenbosch

3 Dec 2015

Recently several ESCom members attended the Ecosystem Services Partnership’s 8th World Conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The ESP is a multidisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners that aims to translate science into practice.

Novel decision-making approach supporting adaptation to the potential climate change impacts on ecosystem services in Scottish forests

2 Dec 2015

In an open access paper recently published in Environmental Research Letters ESCom member Michal Petr (Forest Research) and colleagues investigated the impacts of future climate change on forest ecosystem services in Scotland and

World Forum on Natural Capital - call for case studies

World Forum on Natural Capital
13 Apr 2015

Organisers of the second World Forum on Natural Capital, which will take place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 23 – 24 November 2015, have issued a call for case studies that demonstrate how putting natural capital at the heart of decision-making can benefit the bottom line, as well as the natura