ESCom and OPPLA well represented at international conference

17 Nov 2015

Three members of the ESCom community, Jan Dick (CEH), Alistair McVittie (SRUC) and Alessandro Gimona (JHI) attended the 8th international conference of the Ecosystem Service Partnership. Over 360 participants, mostly from the research community but also with representation from practice, policy and NGOs, gathered in Stellenbosch, South-Africa, for a week of presentations, networking and discussion on what the concept of ecosystem services can bring to nature, people and prosperity.


Alessandro and Jan presented work in the session organised by Sandra Luque; Multi-functional forest landscapes and adaptive management and governance: the challenge to sustain multiple goods & services to mitigate climate change. Jan also presented in the session; New technologies for mapping ecosystem services- Solutions for instant use and direct application. Both her presentations reported work conducted in the Cairngorms National Park funded by the EU funded OpenNESS project

Alistair McVittie co-hosted sessions and also presented two papers; (i) Operationalising ecosystem services using Bayesian Belief Networks, as part of a session on TEEB for Agriculture and Food, (ii) Influences, practices and opportunities for corporate ecosystem valuation: the use of ecosystem services valuation for decision making in multinational companies. He was also involved in a marine ecosystems session that aimed to produce a Science Policy Forum paper on pelagic ecosystem services.

Jan Dick and Alistair McVittie highlighted ESCom and newly launched OPPLA in their final slides encouraging people to visit both websites.   ESCom was highlighted as a source of knowledge on ecosystem service from science, practice and policy perspectives at the country level while OPPLA aims to fulfil a similar role at the European and global scale.