How to apply an Ecosystems Framework, SNH publishes working paper on framework for cultural ecosystem services

17 Feb 2016


Scottish Natural Heritage has worked with others to help people include cultural ecosystem services when applying an ecosystems framework. The working paper Cultural ecosystem services - towards a common framework for developing policy and practice in Scotland    has been published (February 2016). 

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Applying an ecosystems approach involves some key actions:

  • Identify the natural assets (green infrastructure) which provide benefits, what these benefits (ecosystem services) are, and who benefits from them 
  • Understand the effects of different planning or resource-use choices on nature and the benefits it provides 
  • Involve people in decision-making and in getting things done

You can use existing tools - marine and development plans, environmental assessment, cost-benefit analysis, participation.  

New tools are also being developed:

  • mapping ecosystem services 
  • valuing the services nature provides 
  • analysing trade-offs between different options