What has the OPERAs project achieved in the last five years?

Tuesday, 14th November 2017
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Join us to hear the outcomes of five intensive years of ecosystem services research. 

Since 2013 Scotland was a European exemplar of intensive collaborative research carried out by the OPERAs project. We have worked with citizens, policy officers, and land managers nationally, and in various case-studies around Edinburgh and further afield. We’ll present a diverse overview of results, ranging from national policy analysis and ecosystem services mapping, to citizen participation in the Pentland Hills Regional Park and the City of Edinburgh.

Join us to celebrate the successful conclusion of the project, and to think about further collaboration in the future!

5.00-5.30pm  Arrivals and drinks

5.30-7.30pm Presentations and discussion

  • Welcome and live drawing of ES map for Scotland
  • National ecosystem services mapping
  • The integraton of ecosystem serviced and natural capital in Scottish policy
  • Citizens' values of ecosystem services and nature in the Inner Forth

Short break

  • Participatory land use planning in the Pentland Hills Regional Park
  • Streamline: understanding citizens visions for the future of the Edinburgh shoreline
  • The socio-cultural value of Edinburgh parks
  • Local community values, worldviews and perception in the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere reserve
  • Oppla: a new knowledge marketplace where the latest thinking on ecosystem services is brought together

Final questions and closing

7.30pm  Reception